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We’ve worked hard getting Monterey Bay Academy Airfield started.
Will you help us keep it going?

Ocean Shore Aviation is a grass roots (yes literally) organization that exists through your donations of materials, time and money. Thanks to all who are helping this happen!

The new wind socks are in place at each end of the field. The ditch digger has bumped and chattered its way down mostly straight lines on each side of the landing field. The pipes and sprinklers have been laid and the irrigation system is complete. The grass has been replanted and is now making all your landings look good. We want to thank all of you for helping to pay the insurance and rent!

Your Donations Go Towards

  • Liability insurance
  • Rent
  • Water usage
  • Airport mowing
  • Aviation Scholarships
  • …and that’s it! Your donations are used strictly for airport operation and aviation scholarships.

Donations are essential to keeping Monterey Bay Academy Airfield open!

If we can’t make our quarterly insurance payment, the airfield must close to the public.

Please drop a donation into the drop box on the bulletin board at the airfield, or send one to:

Bob Carr
Ocean Shore Aviation
P.O. Box 7363
Santa Cruz, CA 95081

Or you can donate through Paypal:

Sweat equity

If you’d like to join us in working at the Airfield,: watering, mowing, light construction of improvement,
call Bob Carr at:



Staying in Touch

Shoot us an email so we can email you with information about Airfield activities. (We’re working on regular Sunday flyins with lots of airplanes, camaraderie and refreshments – this is a work in progress – but Sunday is an especially good day to fly in.)

Our email address is:


Here’s a look at what our generous volunteer-based crew has been working on

Dig, dig, dig. Installing the new irrigation system.
working 1

working 2

Water! Grow grass, grow!
working 3

Putting up the new wind sock.
Gary and Bob Wind Sock

windsock up

That’s the spirit! Glen flew in with his pick axe.