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The CA66ers (named after the airports’s FAA location designator) is the organization that will support all activities of the Monterey Bay Academy Airport. The Monterey Bay Academy administration has graciously made available this unique facility to the aviation community with the stipulation that it be maintained entirely through private support. Since the reestablishment of the airport in the winter of 2013, dedicated pilots and Academy alumni have provided time and money to refurbish the facility. The CA66ers has been established to carry out the objectives that will enable the airport to continue and expand.

The main objectives of the club are:

  • Provide support for the maintenance and operation of the airport
  • Organize and promote aviation activities at the airfield
  • Establish, support and oversee a flight training program for interested students attending Monterey Bay Academy

Monterey Bay Academy Airfield is a treasure. We are committed to its preservation as a friendly, safe, and inviting airfield with a flight-training mission. Visit us on a sunny day and we trust you will feel the same. The potential here is unlimited and success will be directly proportional to the dedication of our members. Help us sustain this goal by joining the CA66ers.

Member Benefits

The most important benefit of membership in the CA66ers is the satisfaction that comes from helping to keep this beautiful airfield open, and helping to provide for an aviation education program at the Academy. Of course, the Airfield provides access to the beach, the picnic area, Sunday fly-ins and the magnificent view from the cliffs above Monterey Bay.

In addition to fly-in access, members who so desire may drive in through the gated access to the MBA grounds. Those interested will be issued a gate access card and a car sticker after completing a required one-hour online course called Shield the Vulnerable.

Annual dues for CA66ers membership are $360. Dues will go entirely to support the club objectives, with full transparency to members. Applications are available below. We appreciate our benefactors very much.

Join The CA66ers

It’s easy. To join the club, click the link below, print the form, fill it out, and mail it with your check. Welcome!

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